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Summer Smudge Sticks

Posted on May 27 2016

Kick off summer by creating these smudge stick bundles with native flowers and herbs from your own backyard. -- the options are endless! 

smudge sticks, DIY, mapleton drive

Burning smudge sticks are said to clear and cleanse negative energies, banish unwanted spirits and invite beneficial spirits into a space.

We love Jenni Kayne and her blog. Girl crush! So if we were going to make smudge sticks for ourselves, we knew we wanted to follow her instructions.

smudge sticks, diy, mapleton drive

"We started by wrapping a white California sage base and blended roses, lavender, rosemary, and thyme to the outside of the sage stick.  

smudge sticks, maple ton drive, diy

Once we had incorporated all of the elements into our bundles, we took a natural fiber string and tied it firmly around the base (about five times) in a criss-cross pattern, tying off at the base. The result: a beautiful and fragrant piece perfect for smudging, place settings, present toppers or to place by your bedside." 

smudge sticks, DIY, mapleton drive

When you're finished creating your beautiful smudge sticks, store them somewhere when they can stay dry.  An acrylic box is perfect because you will be able to see your latest creations, and keep them safe until you're ready to burn them!

diy, acrylic, box, mapleton drive

We love the idea of keeping the smudge sticks close to healing crystals, especially Amethyst.  Known for their high spiritual vibration, Amethyst helps calm the mind and can be found in places of meditation and spiritual healing.  This amethyst crystal is also believed to provide the aura with protection from attack or negativity.


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