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Mapleton Drive is Born!

Posted on January 13 2014

Hi Friends~

I've been away for awhile and mommy life leaves little time for anything else. My youngest son, Nicholas, is running now and so am I. Essentially, I've been searching for more "me" time when my  babies are sound asleep and I found that tapping into my creative side is my sanctuary.  

I've always been drawn to fashion and the creativity that it exudes beauty, in fact, those who know me well know i have quite the addiction to pinning. So, my latest creation is my new store on Etsy, Mapleton Drive.

With Mapleton Drive I finally have found something I really enjoy; creating new and interesting handmade accessories, a few vintage and all filled with love. So, this is where my fashion  and creativity collide.
BTW, I'm proud to have been featured in MSN's Glo Magazine this month.



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