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We're Celebrating Earth Day All Day!

Posted on April 21 2016

Flower Power Cocktail Hour

1. Vodka Lavender Lemonade via The Effortless Chic

Adding a little kick to an old favorite.

2. Strawberry Chamomile Paloma via Half Baked Harvest

Tangy and soothing, all in one drink!

3. Borage & Pansy Cocktail via The Anthropologie Blog

Perfect combination of cucumber-y borage and hint-of-mint pansies.

4. Bachelor’s Button Martini via The Anthropologie Blog

Sweet, beautiful, and creamy.

1. Floral Ice Cubes from Design Wine Dine

There are some edible flowers that are absolutely gorgeous! Enhance your summer drinks by freezing some of your favorite flower combos.  

2. Beautiful Flower Crowns from Kelly Golightly

Earth Week and Coachella. Need anymore reasons to try making one of these beautiful crowns you've been seeing everywhere? 

3. Indoor Herb Garden from Brit + Co

We all love fresh herbs in our meals, but may not be able to grow them ourselves. Whether you have bad weather for growing or don't have a yard to fulfill your gardening needs, this project is for you!

4. Vertical Gardens from Country Living

They're beautiful, totally easy to make, and can be hung anywhere. It helps bring your garden indoors without taking up too much space. Perfect for apartment-dwellers with a green thumb!

5. Gold Vases Made from Used Bottles from Wedding Chicks

Have extra wine bottles from that dinner party the other night? Transform your unwanted recyclables into gorgeous vases to keep your flowers fresh this Earth Week!

6. Geometric Terrariums from the Perfect Palette

These hanging gardens are chic, super fun to make, and the plants live for a really long time.

7. Flower Garland Hang from Domino

Flower garlands make a beautiful background for photos and look amazing when they dry!  

8. Floating Shelf from Anthropologie 

We love floating shelves, they're easy to make and functional! You can make these from scrap wood or go on a day hike to find your perfect piece.

9.  Metallic Branch Pins from XO Vain

Tie a little nature and shimmer into your outfit with these gorgeous bobby pins.  The best thing about these is that you can choose the size and shape of your pins and make the totally you! These look especially amazing during the holidays.


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