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May Favorites

Posted on May 02 2016

Hello May! Here are a few of our favorite things this month.

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1. Vibrant Spring Dresses  Nothing makes us happier than putting away our dark winter coats and trading them in for pieces that are vibrant and girly!  Bring on the dresses!

2. It’s Bike Month!  For those of you who don't know, May is bike month! Opt for this mode of transportation instead of a car on your next outing and soak up some rays! Maybe take a trip to your local farmers market like SF Girl!

3. Fun Up-Do’s  Put the hair tie down and experiment with a few of those gorgeous hairstyles you've been lusting over, but haven't had the guts to try yet. It's a great way to keep your hair out of your face and cool on these approaching warm nights.

4. Outdoor Entertaining  We love outdoor parties! Attending them, hosting them, you name it! One of our favorite things to do when the weather gets warmer is to invite all our loved ones over for a little outside get together.  Extra points if you send invitations in the mail before hand!  We're loving this table setup from My Sweet & Saucy.

5. Earthly Accessories  We're bringing a little earth and elegance to your outfit with these Baby Blue Solar Quartz Drop Prong Earrings. As with all quartz, it's been said that the solar quartz heals, cleanses, balances and strengthens the chakras, resulting in physical, mental and emotional well-being as well as initiating and strengthening our innate intuitive abilities.

6. “No Makeup” Makeup  May marks the beginning of our love affair with being outdoors! In the spirit of this fresh new month, we're sporting a fresh face. The "No Makeup" makeup look a la  Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear 2016 inspires us to leave the eyeliner and dark lipstick at home and embrace a lighter look!

7. Gold Sunglasses  Nothing welcomes in great weather like warm, metallic sunglasses. Avoiding the sun never looked so good.

8. Indoor Gardening  It's that time of year again, time to put that green thumb of yours to work! With the warm weather comes beautiful fresh flowers and produce, tan lines and gorgeous outdoor parties. Bring that energy indoors by creating your own indoor garden! We recommend planting succulents, they're pretty, fun and impossible to kill!  


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