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2-Ingredient DIY Lavender Sleep Oil

Posted on August 10 2016

Walking around a garden during summer, the smell of lavender immediate jumps out to you. It's a smell that almost everyone can recognize and brings a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, all with good reason. "When applied to the skin as an essential oil or as a fresh plant, lavender can soothe nearly every skin condition, from acne to sunburns, to eczema. A natural anti-bacterial, fresh and distilled lavender promotes healing, fights germs and infection, and reduces inflammation. Lavender also has a soothing effect on the nervous system when applied topically or used in aromatherapy, and can ease anxiety, promote restful sleep, and reduce stress" (Free People Blog).

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We have found that we can get an amazing night's sleep with the help of natural sleep oils. Due to the calming nature of lavender, it is one of our absolute favorite fragrances for the job! Today we're going to make our own, following the instructions of Julie from the Free People Blog. Enjoy!

What you Need - 1/2 oz carrier oil (avocado, almond, or jojoba) 10 drops or more lavender essential oil, and a container to put it in.

How to Make it - In a small vial, combine carrier oil with 10 or more drops lavender essential oil. Swirl to combine and keep close to your pillow.

How to Use it - Just before bed, rub several drops of sleep oil on the soles of your feet, concentrating on massaging it into your arches, heels, and forefoot. You can also dab a few drops at pulse points: on your wrists, at your temples, and on your neck. This beautiful oil easily doubles as a bath oil. To make, combine larger amounts of carrier oil and essential oil and add a tablespoon to a warm bath to soothe skin and relax the nervous system. 

Do you love lavender as much as we do?


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