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Day 2: Al Fresco Meals Outside

Posted on August 03 2015

We've been really excited about how great the weather has been in Colorado the past few days, and we knew we had to take advantage of it by eating outside! We wanted to make something easy and keeping it light, so we decided on the crowd favorite -- caprese salad and ice cold summer water.

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We're all about al fresco dining, especially in the summertime. If we can avoid using a hot stove, then we couldn't be happier! Today, we decided to make something that was healthy, as well as delicious, a caprese salad. We luckily already had these fresh ingredients in our kitchen, so making lunch was a breeze! Just combine sliced ripe tomatoes with basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a little salt and pepper and voila!  

mapleton drive, rose all day, entertaining, party, diy, style

We've also recently found our favorite new spa water, Peach and Lavender! All you need to recreate this at home is:

  • Two organic peaches, cut into slices
  • A few Lavender sprigs
  • One tall pitcher, filled with ice and water

Easy right? This water tastes great, is super refreshing, and will definitely impress your guests. It's also a great transition into the next season, with all the beautiful fall colors. If you're liking this recipes, check out the other ones we have on our blog!


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