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August Favorites

Posted on July 31 2016

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1. Maxi Dresses - We love maxi dresses because they are the easiest pieces in our wardrobe. Throw one on with a cute pair of sandals and you're all set.

2. Tummies Out - We've been working for our summer bodies all year, don't forget to show off all your hard work!

3. Bobs - In August, we're trading in our long manes for something much shorter and equally gorgeous. 

4. Iced Coffees - We getting our caffeine on with coffee over ice. 

5. Colorful Home Accents - Bring some color indoors with these Blue Agate Coasters from Mapleton Drive.

6. Succulents - It's that time of year again, time to put that green thumb of yours to work! With the warm weather comes beautiful fresh flowers and produce, tan lines and gorgeous outdoor parties. Bring that energy indoors by creating your own indoor garden! We recommend planting succulents, they're pretty, fun and impossible to kill!

7. Gifts for Yourself - Let's face it, you deserve to treat yourself from time to time. Right now we are obsessed with this watercolor watch from Ted Baker.

8. Plunging Necklines - This is the time of year where we can wear flowy tops and not have to be worried about being tied down by constricting bras. Show off your goods with your favorite low cut tops like this one from @meleponym.


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