Agate is named after the Achates River in Sicily due to its waters being an ancient source of this beautiful gemstone.  Scientifically, agate is a banded form of quartz crystal that is formed in layers as volcanic lava cools.  Spiritually, agate is said to provide balance to our emotional, intellectual and even physical energies.  Agate is also a source of protection, strength and harmony.  Agate can be found on several continents in countries such as Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Argentina and even the United States.


The Amethyst stone is a form of quartz that get's its purple color from irradiation, or iron impurities.  Amethyst is a high vibration, spiritual stone which heightens intuition while instilling a calming effect.   Amethyst is also said to help balance out highs and lows and can also help relieve anxiety and fear.


Known for its flakey crystal structures and pyramid like shapes, Apophyllite commonly found in greens and clear color with touches of pink and brown and yellow, can be found in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and India.  Apophyllite is known for it's spiritually connective properties that can provide relief for anxiety, fear, and stress.


Aquamarine by it's color definition is a shade between blue and green.  The deepest blue aquamarine is found in Madagascar.  In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and an item of good luck for sailors and tradesmen.  We just think it's magical combination of translucent blues and greens instantly transports us to that deep blue sea we all dream of!


Naturally occurring in the Sinai and Eastern Desert of Egypt,  Azurite is known for it's deep blue pigment.  Azurite's properties are said to lessen confusion and tension and to open the mind to new perspectives.  The Azurite crystal stimulates intellectual thought, assists with physic development and enhances overall meditative capabilities.

Boxes & Trays

A fanciful and functional element to enhance any space, sleek lacquer and acrylic boxes and trays are adorned off with gorgeous minerals, specimens, and agate slices.  Perfect for highlighting the natural beauty of the stone with a truly artful approach.

Brushed Gold Boxes

Surround yourself with luxury.  These exquisitely rich brushed gold boxes are an absolute statement piece.  Adorned with a beautiful crystal, these sleek treasure boxes are a perfect fit for an office, a nightstand or as a fabulous focal point in your living room.


Calcite is one of the most common minerals on the earth and comprises a very large portion of the earths rocks.  Calcite is often confused with Aragonite due to its identical chemical composition.  Calcite is considered a "stone of life" and is said to enhance fertility and promote longevity, as well as finding prosperity and peace in the world around you.



Agate Gold Rimmed Coasters create the scene for a great holiday event, a cool cocktail hour or even a fabulous hostess gift.


The designer behind Mapleton Drive creates only pieces that she would proudly display in her own home. Family and friends were so enamored with Kelly's accents, they urged her to design a collection, and Mapleton Drive was born. Her uncanny trend-spotting ability combined with her love of all things natural and precious influence each exquisite item in the ever-evolving Mapleton Drive collection.


* For hygienic reasons, all Earring sales are final and not eligible for exchange or store credit.


These modern Metallic Gem Boxes are a functional masterpiece.  The combination of it's sleek acrylic design along with the contrasting metallic lid adorned with a beautiful gem makes it a perfect fit for any desktop or bedside table.  Use it to store jewelry or leave it alone and let its organic opulence create a small yet eye catching focal point for any space.

Home Accents

Agate, Geode, Mineral and Stone embellished boxes and trays. Find your favorite on-trend accents and incorporate exquisite beauty into your everyday.


Designer Kelly Wheat, founder of Mapleton Drive, sources rare stones from all over the world, the result? Exquisite and timeless jewelry with a totally fresh perspective.


Malachite derives it's name from its resemblance to the leaves of the mallow plant.  It is a beautiful green stone that is most recognized by it’s banded masses. Malachite is most commonly found in places such as France, Arizona, Namibia, and Morocco and are found in colors that range from deep blue to rich green. The dark colors of the Azurite stones are said to posses an energy that directly connects to the Third-Eye Chakra, which helps guide the soul to enlightenment and emotional satisfaction.

Malachite Boxes

Perfect to store everything from pills to rings. The bands found in Malachite may consist of concentric rings with interesting patterns. These concentric banded specimens are most commonly found in Congo, Africa.    Malachite, in some ancient civilizations, was thought to be a protection from evil.

Napkin Rings

Enhance the elegance of your next dinner party.  Each of our Acrylic Napkin Rings are fashioned with a stunning cut mineral or crystal.  Let the eclectic mix of colors and material bring a boho vibe to your table.

New In

The ever evolving Mapleton Drive... This is where you will find our newest treasures added to the site. From Sea Inspired objects to Framed Butterfly wall art to Brushed Gold Boxes, these are our most recent favorites.


Onyx is a diverse mineral found in many countries all over the world and can be found in several different colors.  We focus on Mexican Onyx with it's beautiful earth tone shades of orange, yellow, red, tan and white.  Spiritually, Onyx is said to be a protective stone when facing adversaries as well as being used to ward off negativity which might be directed toward you.

Quartz Crystal

Quartz has become the most well known of all the minerals.  Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on earth.  There are numerous variations of quartz found in nature, ranging from Smokey Quartz with it's brown hue to Rose Quartz with it's shaded pink coloration.  Quartz crystals are said  to heal and cleanse and even balance our chakras. Quartz can improve our physical and mental and emotional well-being in addition to strengthening our intuitive abilities.


Love the natural look? Find the perfect Mapleton Drive decorative accessories to perfectly dress your table. 


Turquoise derives it's name name from  the French word for Turkey, because it was first brought to Europe from Turkey.  It's unique hue of green has made Turquoise a highly sought after stone for thousands of years.  Protection against all things evil is a key spiritual attribute of Turquoise as it was used by Turkish soldiers in the form an amulet by Turkish soldiers.   Whether for business or travel or leisure, the protective qualities of Turquoise are believed to be omnipresent.

White Lacquer Boxes

Merge white lacquer with a sleek stunning box and the result is a cool and contemporary selection for any space.  An exquisite adornment atop the lid makes the White Lacquer Box the pinnacle of chic storage.