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Amethyst Specimen 1

$ 65.00

approx. 4" L x 3.5" W 2 3/4" H

Amethyst self standing is stunning displayed on a desk, for a tablescape, spa or nightstand.


The Amethyst crystal is a form of quartz that gets its purple hue from irradiation, or iron impurities, along with the presence of trace elements. The best quality Amethyst crystals are found in places such as Siberia, Sri Lanka, and Brazil and are found in colors that range from light purple to deep violet. It has been said that the Amethyst is a high vibration, spiritual stone that can promote feelings of calmness, balance and peace,  It's said that it brings emotional stability and inner strength and aids in diminishing addictions of all kinds.

approx. approx. 4" L x 3.5" W x 2 3/4" H


1.5 LBS