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Mapleton Drive

Botanical Terrarium

$ 36.00


Eco Garden Jar. It was created for a sensory experience. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the combination of colors is visually stimulating. Close your eyes and inhale deeply the Rose and sandalwood essential oils. We also added Palo Santo Chips at the bottom of the glass jar for its aroma. The crystals are hand selected. Look for the Rose Quartz, Agate and Quartz Crystals These decorative objects are used for meditating and surrounding your space with positive energies. These make beautiful gifts. Thoughtful wellness gifts for your grounded space. Inspired by Natural wonders.

You will receive a similar one in the first picture. (1) One Eco garden jar

Size: 4" D and 4" H


Rose Quartz
Quartz Crystals
Dried Flowers
Palo Santo Chips- you can burn the Palo Santo chips as incense.
Glass Jar- food safe
Cork Lid