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Small Medicine Jar w/ Crystal Smudge Stick

$ 28.90

4 1/8" T x 1 3/4" D

These little medicine jars are perfect for that gift you need to clear the air. This kit includes:  smudge stick (cedar bundle), palo santo stick (holy stick), and a crystal.  Little tokens to ward off evil spirits and keep all goodness coming your way.  You can smudge anytime you feel you need it.  The magic of nature presents itself in these small jars.  A perfect gift for any occasion. 

The lovely glass jar with cork keeps it airtight.  The crystal adorned is an apophyllite.  The jar can be used for other secret stashes as well.  The glass is food safe and dishwasher approved.  

I love the idea of decanting anything in these medicine jars.

Gift ideas:  New home, New job, marriage, new birth...or just a cleansing of your home...... the list goes on and on and on.

The smudge sticks vary in sizes  3" Long and 1" Wide.

Selenite Stick

 *Not available for wholesale purchase