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Triple Aquamarine, Garnet, and Lolite Ring

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Add a bit of earth and elegance to your outfit with this gorgeous lolite, garnet and aquamarine ring surrounded in gold.
Aquamarine is a fascinating stone because the depth of color changes based on the amount of iron found in each gem's structure. They are most commonly found in places such as Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, and Madagascar, Pakistan and Mozambique and are found in a range of shades from crystal blue to deep teal. Aquamarine was believed to be the stone of happiness and eternal youth and was used by sailors as a token of good luck and protection. Like the sea, this stone promotes a state of calmness, cleanliness, and truth.
The Garnet is a very interesting stone because it is not a single mineral, but a group of closely related minerals that form within a group of themselves. These crystals form between each member and often inter-grow within one single crystal. Garnet is most commonly mined in places such as South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Switzerland and Tanzania and can be found in a variety of colors ranging from red and yellow to green and black. Garnet is a great stone to have in a crisis. It has been said to help cleanse, revitalize, balance out the chakras and help warn of danger. Garnet also inspires love and alleviates emotional disharmony.
Lolite is part of the Cordierite mineral family and is known for it's deep violet color. Most lolite crystals come from places such as India, Canada, Tanzania, the United States and Brazil; and although they are most recognized for their violet shading, they are also found in various shades of gray, yellow or green. This beautiful stone has been said to help recover balance, physically as well as mentally. By keeping this stone close, it may help those who suffer from chronic disorganization and loss of focus while inspiring anyone who has a lot of chaos in their life. It also helps the body retain energy and provides endurance and self assurance.
Please note: Due to the use of natural materials, each piece is unique and may vary from image shown.